in Batu Kurau

Batu Kurau is located about 15km from Taiping town. The area still retains its traditional village characteristics. The population is dependent on agriculture and cottage industries, besides tourism related activities including extreme recreational sports. The rustic charm of Batu Kurau is often overlooked.

The rustic charm of Batu Kurau is often overlooked. The emergence of ecotourism has ignited renewed interest for local and foreign tourists to visit here and taste the delicious King of Fruits – durians while learning more about the unique culture of Batu Kurau. Batu Kurau is a labyrinth of waterfalls, rivers, caves and mountains abound.


Kurau River is home to a popular waterfall attraction in Batu Kurau. The waterfall boasts tiers of cascades and powerful currents. Though trekking is slow going due to the steep slopes here, it is worth it to see the pure, pristine condition of the main fall. Nearby, the river diverges into two sheets of rapidly flowing water that provides the perfect backdrop for a swim. The base is shallow with powdery sands, safe for kids to wade in while the deeper end challenges those who are more adventurous. Some of the popular picnic sites include Lata Air Hitam dan Jelai.


Besides waterfall, there are many rapids with beautiful cultural environment and nature in abundance. Many good old fishing traditions have been preserved to attract locals and tourists.

There is nothing like embracing and drinking into nature’s beauty while patiently waiting for the fishes to take to the baits.

Jungle Trekking

For many years, there had been rumours that it was possible to climb Bukit Larut from Batu Kurau. By descending from Sri Kayangan, in after a two-hour hike, hikers will link up Bukit Larut with the track from Batu Kurau.  Besides the Batu Kurau – Bukit Larut trail, there are other jungle trekking trails that give different kinds of thrills and adventure to explorers.


The height that can reach up to 20-25 metres gives a breathtaking panoramic view from the top. There are a total of 18 routes that avail opportunities for extreme recreation and sports at the mountains of Kurau, Perak. There are also various packages offered by private operators like Caving Exploration, Nature Exploration, ATV Exploration and many more.

Durians HEaven

Batu Kurau is well-lauded for its durians. Durians from Batu Kurau have small seeds with healthy, super sweet and creamy flash. Choose to indulge by the road sides or at the orchards. Either way it is value for money!

Cottage Industries

Cottage industries help prosper the local community’s economy albeit in small scale. Visitors can visit home-based cottage industries like the making of “madu kelulut” or stingless bees honey and blinds from “bertam” leaves. The berate weaves come in at least 12 designs: sesiku keluang, kelarai rebah bermata, pucuk rebung, songket, tampok manggis and kelarai bertandang. Most designs are inspired by nature and the environment.


Definitely a must-try! Most especially the award-winning durians, and of course the out of this world seafood and equally tempting local spreads. Check in at any by the roadside, or hawkers, or restaurants, you will be left with wanting for more each time…


Stay in Taiping or Bukit Merah or Kuala Sepetang at either the inns, hotels or resorts.

Kuala Sepetang for example is only about 40km from Taiping, so you can either choose to spend the night in Taiping or choose to stay at the Happy 8 Retreat @ Kuala Sepetang or nearby hotels which are central enough for you to get close to Batu Kurau.


Batu Kurau is accessible via train from Taiping. If you’re driving, exit the North-South Expressway at the Taiping Utara Interchange.

Lata Sempeneh

Kurau River

GPS: 4.9165267,100.8315192

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Gunung Kurau

Gunung Kurau

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